Definition of grief-stricken in English:



  • Overcome with deep or intense sorrow.

    ‘the grief-stricken widow refused to leave her dead husband's side’
    ‘he died in January, leaving his companions grief-stricken’
    • ‘In these post-tsunami times, with nonstop images of tiny outstretched hands and grief-stricken eyes on the television, most of us feel a yearning to do something to help.’
    • ‘His mother and brother look on, grief-stricken.’
    • ‘But shortly after their honeymoon Dorothy died and Berlin, grief-stricken, went to Europe.’
    • ‘Throughout the day, grief-stricken fellow pupils laid flowers at the main entrance of the school with many breaking down in tears.’
    • ‘The grief-stricken parents of a schoolboy found hanged in his bedroom insisted yesterday he had not been the victim of bullying.’
    • ‘A grief-stricken widow took her own life six months after the death of her husband - and just days after she had been sent home from her job of 20 years.’
    • ‘The couple were left grief-stricken after the tragedy which claimed the life of their son and his best friend.’
    • ‘She was a woman of great courage and she will long be remembered by her grief-stricken family and also the many people whose lives she touched down the years.’
    • ‘Yesterday, her grief-stricken parents said their last goodbye to their daughter at her funeral in Cootehhill.’
    • ‘Hundreds of people went to the cemetery as news of the onslaught spread, and grief-stricken relatives were still turning up 24 hours later.’
    • ‘Her grief-stricken sisters tried to help her but she was inconsolable.’
    • ‘They were sad, of course, but not grief-stricken.’
    • ‘Afterwards he talked to the young man's grief-stricken father.’
    • ‘‘He died the way he lived - having fun,’ said his grief-stricken mother, Caroline.’
    • ‘As the thunder continued to rumble overhead, grief-stricken residents wiped tears from their eyes as they stood to read the many messages of condolence.’
    • ‘The victim's grief-stricken aunt said other teenagers should take heed of the accident and not treat trial bikes as toys.’
    • ‘My father was grief-stricken and couldn't cope, so I was passed around aunts and uncles for a few years.’
    • ‘Churches in the grief-stricken communities of Camblesforth and Strensall will open their doors tomorrow to offer spiritual support for villagers.’
    • ‘And his grief-stricken son-in-law, Robert Carroll said he was a man of conviction who was loved and respected by those closest to him.’
    • ‘As the ceremony unfolded, grief-stricken relatives clung to each other for support inside a specially erected marquee.’
    sorrowful, overcome with sorrow, heavy with grief, sorrowing, miserable, sad, anguished, pained, distressed, tormented, suffering, heartbroken, broken-hearted, heartsick, woeful, doleful, desolate, despondent, dejected, despairing, devastated, upset, inconsolable, dismal, angst-ridden, mortified, wretched, crushed
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