Definition of gricer in English:



  • A fanatical railway enthusiast.

    • ‘Antonin Dvorak was a great railway enthusiast, and indeed a gricer.’
    • ‘Subsequent runs gave rise to significant readings on the Richter scale, to the delight of the attendant gricers.’
    • ‘Olaf Güttler was in Cambodia in 1991 and was probably the last gricer to see real steam at work here.’
    • ‘I always try and find a remote location, no other gricers to worry about and no public either.’
    • ‘A gricer managed to find out that a part had to be flown from RIO but was not expected until after midnight.’
    • ‘I was charged 100RMB each way, which is pretty steep by comparison with the locals' fares, but I guess the line does not get too much direct revenue from the gricers who visit.’
    • ‘Many gricers seem also to be folkies - after all why not be COMPLETELY unfashionable?’
    • ‘I even took time out from my normal journalistic duties to spend a week with the gricers at a national festival of steam.’
    • ‘The same goes for gricers - those addicted to the fine old English pastime of trainspotting.’
    • ‘While not as fanatical as a true gricer, happiness for me was sitting on a grassy bank overlooking a busy railway line.’
    • ‘The officials in Shuangyashan threw us out of the train control room and weren't happy about steam gricers at all.’
    • ‘It was also nice to meet some British gricers, thanks for the nice time guys.’
    • ‘Underground networks of gricers are known to exist, and are especially prevalent in the fields of automotive journalism and car manufacturer PR departments.’
    • ‘Compiled by a rail enthusiast, this CD is unique and a must for the serious gricer.’
    • ‘Fortunately, enough gricers went to the country after 1969-70 in time to record the last 15 years or so of Indonesian steam; unfortunately, little of what they photographed has ever been published.’


1960s: origin uncertain; perhaps a humorous representation of an upper-class pronunciation of grouser ‘grouse-shooter’.