Definition of greyhound racing in English:

greyhound racing


mass noun
  • A sport in which greyhounds race around a circular or oval track in pursuit of a moving dummy hare and spectators bet on the outcome.

    • ‘Mícheál has also had a life-long interest in greyhound racing and regularly commentated on the sport on both radio and television.’
    • ‘In its early years it was also used for greyhound racing and speedway racing.’
    • ‘He was also a keen follower of greyhound racing and enjoyed regular success on the track with his dogs.’
    • ‘The stadium continued to host greyhound racing, horse shows and athletics.’
    • ‘The Irish Coursing Club continued to regulate greyhound racing in Northern Ireland.’


greyhound racing

/ˈɡreɪhaʊnd ˌreɪsɪŋ/