Definition of grey whale in English:

grey whale


  • A mottled grey baleen whale that typically has heavy encrustations of barnacles on the skin, commonly seen in coastal waters of the north-eastern Pacific.

    Eschrichtius robustus, the only member of the family Eschrichtiidae

    • ‘Along with humpback whales, gray whales make the longest migration of any marine mammal.’
    • ‘We experienced some difficulty identifying whale species during the count, especially differentiating between bowhead and gray whales.’
    • ‘Female gray whales reach lengths up to 45 feet and weigh as much as 70,000 lb. Males are slightly smaller.’
    • ‘On these tours you can see dolphins, sperm whales, grey whales, and more depending on the time of year.’
    • ‘Every few years, gray whales and blue whales wash ashore on the California coast.’