Definition of grey squirrel in English:

grey squirrel


  • An American tree squirrel with mainly grey fur.

    Genus Sciurus, family Sciuridae: four species, in particular S. carolinensis, native to eastern North America and introduced to Britain and elsewhere

    • ‘The grey squirrel is larger than the red, usually about 10 inches long with a large bushy tail 8 inches long.’
    • ‘The best time of year for trapping grey squirrels is between March and September, when their natural food is scarce.’
    • ‘Animals co-habiting in the woods include field mice, grey squirrels, hedgehogs and three roe deer.’
    • ‘A hungry gray squirrel will also raid a bird's nest for eggs, steal food from bird feeders and dig up plants.’
    • ‘Under natural conditions, grey squirrels are most abundant in hardwood or mixed hardwood and pine forests.’