Definition of grey market in English:

grey market

(US gray market)


  • 1An unofficial market in goods that have not been obtained from an official supplier.

    ‘you can easily get these phones on the grey market’
    as modifier ‘grey-market imports flooded the country to meet demand’
    • ‘Supermarkets were preparing to flood hundreds of British stores with cut-price designer goods bought on the grey market.’
    • ‘A six-week investigation by BusinessWeek found a thriving gray market in professional-grade hair-care goods.’
    • ‘More than half a million mobile phones bought in Britain have disappeared overseas to be re-sold on the grey market.’
    • ‘Grey markets exist where companies maintain differential pricing.’
    • ‘They sell second-hand parts either to computer assemblers in the grey market or to buyers directly at the weekly Sunday bazaar.’
    • ‘We can assure people who bought consoles on the grey market that we're not going to be going after them.’
    • ‘The theft highlights the growing grey market for mobile phones.’
    • ‘Distribution also is a factor, as there may be a gray market of secondary distributors.’
    • ‘The sole purpose of such restrictive distribution is to charge punters more money than would be otherwise possible in a grey market.’
    • ‘Out of concern about gray market and price-cutting activities, the company will no longer allow its gear to be sold on the Net.’
    1. 1.1Stock Market The buying and selling of securities before they are officially issued on the stock market.
      ‘the company recently sold for $2.75 a share on the grey market’
      • ‘Shares in the grey market are trading at the lower end of the float range.’
      • ‘The firm started its investor roadshow last week and will launch its shares on the grey market from May 8.’
      • ‘In recent months, unlisted high-technology companies have been the focus of the grey market's investors.’
      • ‘The so-called 'grey market' thus offers the prospect of above-average long-term earnings growth.’
      • ‘Shares in the co-operative, which has a 14.8 million euro turnover, have been trading in a grey market for close to 40 euros a share.’