Definition of grey jay in English:

grey jay


  • A fluffy long-tailed jay with dark grey upper parts and a whitish face, found in Canada and the north-western US.

    Perisoreus canadensis, family Corvidae

    • ‘Many species of birds live here, including chickadees, hummingbirds, grey jays, red-tailed hawks, ptarmigan and golden eagles.’
    • ‘Many campgrounds support a flock of habituated gray jays, as campers readily feed the birds.’
    • ‘The Corvidae family of birds such as crows, blue and grey jays, ravens and magpies are particularly susceptible to illness and death from West Nile Virus.’
    • ‘At the lake we fed the grey jays, which sat on our skis and even ate out of Paul's hand.’
    • ‘The gray jay makes a series of whistling sounds of ‘wheeoo’ or ‘wheee-ah.’’