Definition of Grey Friar in English:

Grey Friar


  • A Franciscan friar.

    • ‘It would perhaps be difficult to overrate the influence of the Grey Friars, particularly in the fourteenth century.’
    • ‘They wore a gray tunic with a white cord at the waist; hence, their English name Grey Friars.’
    • ‘In the Middle Ages, several male religious orders whose mission was to care for the sick were formed, including the Knights Hospitalers, the Gray Friars, and the Alexian Brothers.’
    • ‘The followers of St. Francis of Assisi, the Grey Friars, were noted for preaching among the poor, simplicity of life and gentleness of spirit.’
    • ‘The Grey Friars, of the order of St Frances of Assisi, first came to the town in 1233.’


Middle English: so named because of the colour of the order's habit.