Definition of grey drake in English:

grey drake


  • 1The greyish gravid female of certain mayflies.

    Genus Ephemera, family Ephemeridae

    • ‘A bit after 9: 00, flies started popping (sulfurs, mahognies, grey drakes), and soon fish were feeding freely near me, including some that sounded quite large.’
    • ‘The gray drakes were hatching in the shallows, and fish - some big - were rising steadily.’
    • ‘The grey drakes are in the family Siphlonuridae and can be found in faster water.’
    • ‘Green and grey drakes were hatching profusely, right along with Hexagenias - all huge, elegant, juicy trout meals.’
    • ‘When it opens in August, gray drakes will be on the water.’
    1. 1.1 An artificial fishing fly that imitates the grey drake.
      • ‘Fly Fishing Manager Tony Mort of Orvis Chicago suggests having plenty of Hendricksons, BWOs, caddis, and grey drakes when dry fly-fishing in Michigan.’