Definition of grey-headed in English:


(US gray-headed)


  • 1(of a person) having grey hair.

    ‘a grey-headed old woman’
    • ‘To his great surprise, from the back of the hall an older grey-headed woman teacher gently raised her hand.’
    • ‘Some were gray-headed, others a bit stooped, at least one carried a cane.’
    • ‘Gray-headed and nearing retirement age, a Florida drug smuggler sat shackled in a federal courtroom.’
    • ‘Although the son of a preacher, he's a tough grey-headed veteran of playing the game for big stakes.’
    • ‘He is a tall, prematurely grey-headed Calgary native who began his career as a film editor.’
    • ‘No one is going to care one bit what a gray-headed 69-year old grandmother has to say.’
    • ‘The priests they see are grey-headed, bald, shuffling on sticks - a dishevelled bunch.’
    • ‘The crowds loved them - from the grey-headed rockers to the 20-somethings - they rocked in the Turbine Hall, even on a cold night.’
    • ‘The people who show up brimming over with excitement are not like the other hipster types in line, but his grey-headed, enthusiastic parents.’
    • ‘He was gray-headed at fifty and looked a decade older than his years.’
    1. 1.1 Used in names of birds and other animals with grey heads, e.g. grey-headed albatross.
      • ‘A pair of feeding Grey-headed Woodpeckers were also good additions to my image collection.’
      • ‘The return of great spotted woodpeckers and gray-headed thrushes all indicate that the levels of pollution in the river have obviously dropped.’
      • ‘Birds included kingfishers, the elusive little bittern and woodpeckers both black and grey-headed.’
      • ‘On bare rock islands sticking out of the icefield's glaciers, we often heard or saw ptarmigan and gray-headed finches.’
      • ‘Other birds spotted there are the osprey, a fish-eating bird of prey, the grey-headed lapwing, the wood sandpiper, and pied avocet.’
      • ‘The Gray-headed Catbird was well represented: I counted seven in one tree.’
      • ‘The numbers of grey-headed flying foxes have declined by about 30 percent over the last ten years.’
      • ‘In Australia, two of the four main species (gray-headed and spectacled) are in such dire straits that active protection is of serious concern to conservationists.’
      • ‘Five species had been added to the threatened list, which includes the grey-headed parakeet, blossom-headed parakeet and red-breasted parakeet.’
      • ‘Other bird species that favor the semal tree include the Grey-headed Fish Eagle and the Lesser Adjutant Eagle, all of which are considered to be of global concern from a conservation standpoint.’
      • ‘The Kelp Gulls were enormous, and we saw Grey-headed, Yellow-legged and Slender-billed Gulls as well.’