Definition of grey-faced in English:



  • Pale from tiredness, age, or ill health.

    ‘long lines of grey-faced unemployed at open-air soup kitchens’
    • ‘It was thronged with Red Guards, stumbling along on foot toward the revolutionary front, shouting and singing; and others, greyfaced and muddy, coming back.’
    • ‘He had to appear before the cameras, grey-faced, once again on the defensive, fending off reporters ' questions about his own future.’
    • ‘When I showed up grey-faced and stressed, he suggested that I was completely depleted of energy.’
    • ‘Modelled on the George Orwell novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, it showed row upon row of grey-suited, grey-faced male automatons (for which read PC users) sitting in front of a huge screen upon which Big Brother pontificates.’
    • ‘They were unshaven, grey-faced, and their dressings were soaked with blood.’
    • ‘The casino was packed with grey-faced gambling holidaymakers, their credit cards on a chain from their pocket to the machines.’
    • ‘We piled into the car and joined the other grey-faced parents sitting uncomfortably at the semi-permanent temporary traffic lights on both sides of a big deserted hole.’
    • ‘In a room of a few square metres a dim bulb revealed perhaps twenty-five tousle-haired grey-faced snoring snuffling bodies side by side.’
    • ‘I didn't even have to gaze out at rails or look around at grey-faced fellow commuters as I travelled to my destination.’
    • ‘On our first walk through Odessa, an ancient seaport city, we found gray-faced pensioners sitting in front of crumbling apartment buildings behind battered card tables, selling old shoes and an occasional old cabbage.’
    • ‘Her friend sits, grey faced, in the waiting room.’
    • ‘In another basement space the demented, clacking linotype machines stamped out our stories in hot metal while their grey-faced operators somehow stayed noisily blithe.’
    • ‘Grey-faced, off-duty officers stood along Kirkgate with wives, mothers, fathers, parents-in-law and grandparents of serving officers, retired officers and special constables.’
    • ‘Tonight though, the flu epidemic has hit lead singer Stuart and he crawls to the stage in a cold, grey faced sweat.’
    • ‘In his last appearance on video in December 2001, he appeared grey-faced and tired, unable to move his left side.’
    • ‘The rest of us just continue to be stressed out, over worked, ashen and grey faced and up to our necks in debt.’
    • ‘He turns to stare at the dark-haired man lying on the bed, a battered and gray-faced ghost barely resembling the brother Greg remembers.’
    • ‘Grey faced and covered in dust and wood splinters, they pulled Elli out of the fallen remains of the shelter and Andrew pushed through to drag her into his arms.’
    • ‘He has had very little sleep and is grey-faced as he throws down his coffee.’
    • ‘Gorman was rich but, grey-faced and bent, he died a season later.’
    pale, wan, pasty, grey, leaden, colourless, sallow, pallid, white, waxen, ghostly
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