Definition of grevillea in English:



  • An evergreen tree or shrub which bears conspicuous flowers that lack petals, most kinds of which are native to Australia.

    Genus Grevillea, family Proteaceae

    • ‘It grows to over 1.5m but should, like all grevilleas, be pruned back to prevent it from becoming straggly.’
    • ‘Native plants with needle-like leaves or those with a small surface area such as many callistemons, grevilleas and hakeas are also reliable in heat.’
    • ‘Noisy Miners were significantly more common in gardens that contained eucalypts, but they were no more common in gardens with grevilleas, unless those gardens also contained eucalypts.’
    • ‘The fern-leaved grevillea or honey wattle, Grevillea pteridifolia (family Proteaceae), is a slender tree with fine silvery leaves and brilliant orange flowers.’
    • ‘Acacias, grevilleas and melaleucas need careful annual pruning to keep them busy and attractive and should be replaced when they are no longer so.’


Modern Latin, named after Charles F. Greville (1749–1809), Scottish horticulturalist.