Definition of gregarine in English:



  • 1Relating to a group of microscopic, wormlike protozoans that are internal parasites of insects, annelids, and other invertebrates.

    • ‘These were determined to be the trophozoites of a gregarine parasite of the insect, and the present paper records the observations which have been made on this species.’
    • ‘We have used a number of different systems, but most often these have involved the helminth communities of frogs and small fish, insects and their gregarine parasites, and more recently, nematomorphs.’
    • ‘In Jodi's case, she was looking at some of the effects of host intestinal environment on gregarine metabolism and survival.’
    • ‘Aseptate gregarine fauna have been reported from various parts of the world including India.’
    • ‘The students established beetle populations with and without gregarine infection and then monitored the population over time.’
    1. 1.1 (of movement) slow and gliding, as seen in gregarines.


  • A gregarine protozoan.

    Class Gregarina (or subclass Gregarinidia), phylum Sporozoa, kingdom Protista

    • ‘The cytoplasm of the gregarines was always irregular, dense, and occasionally presenting a dark stoch area.’
    • ‘This mode of infection probably explains why heavy infections in this gregarine are rare, even in crowded cultures of roaches?’
    • ‘The gregarine is compared with other species in the genus Leidyana reported from different hosts to establish its distinctiveness.’
    • ‘Figure 1 shows the prevalence of these gregarines in adult damselflies during the summer and early fall of this year.’
    • ‘Like the gregarines, however, the life cycle is primarily haploid, with diploidy only occurring before meiosis.’
    • ‘Ciliates are alveolate protozoa that evolved unusually large cell sizes entirely differently from gregarines, with radically novel consequences for their genomes.’


Mid 19th century: from modern Latin Gregarina, from Latin gregarius (see gregarious).