Definition of greeting in English:



  • 1A polite word or sign of welcome or recognition.

    ‘Mandy shouted a greeting’
    • ‘The sprightly, grey-haired woman, it seems, meets everyone who walks in the door with the same enthusiastic greeting.’
    • ‘Cecil greeted her and she returned his greeting with a smile and a kiss on the cheek.’
    • ‘The occasional car went past, usually with groups of men inside, some ignoring the convoy, others hooting their horns, smiling and waving a greeting.’
    • ‘Joe smiled and called out a greeting whereas Colin only acknowledged her appearance with a quick grunt.’
    • ‘Theresa will be greatly missed by her many friends and neighbours as she always had a kind word and a greeting for everyone.’
    • ‘‘Good afternoon,’ he said, quickly getting the polite greeting out of the way.’
    • ‘I calmly acknowledge all the greetings with a wave or smile and continue towards my locker.’
    • ‘The guard scanned each of them thoroughly, then returned the polite greeting.’
    • ‘When I answered the door, my polite greeting was cut off by him pushing past me roughly.’
    • ‘We filed into the church with gentle greetings to friends and neighbors.’
    • ‘There were no goodbyes; there never really were goodbyes in Mongolia, no polite greetings and no long farewells.’
    • ‘Jumping out of Chris' two-door black mustang they shouted greetings to their friends and started going their separate ways.’
    • ‘Kishi walked out of the classroom, absent-mindedly waving and mumbling a greeting to those who called to her.’
    • ‘Almost everybody waved and said hi to Roxie, who returned the greeting, beaming.’
    • ‘Children shouted greetings in English, learned from their new American friends.’
    • ‘Their greeting was coolly polite with an undercurrent of dislike.’
    • ‘Some stopped what they were doing to stare openly, others just waved or shouted a greeting and returned to work.’
    • ‘Fortunately for me, Daniel spots me coming and shouts a greeting before I'm even close.’
    • ‘Melvin approached from behind her, and murmured a polite greeting.’
    • ‘Arrive a little early, make sure you're neatly dressed, and step forward with a polite greeting and handshake.’
    hello, salute, salutation, address, welcome, hailing
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    1. 1.1mass noun The action of giving a sign of welcome.
      ‘she raised her hand in greeting’
      • ‘I raised a hand in greeting as Will and Dylan approached together.’
      • ‘Lilia held out her hands as a gesture of greeting.’
      • ‘She heard me, turned her head, met my eyes, then, as though she didn't know me, gave me the barest nod of greeting and went on her way.’
      • ‘I nodded my head in greeting.’
      • ‘Handshaking is the preferred way of greeting among traditional people.’
      • ‘He steps into the road to allow a gaggle of shopaholics to descend on Mayfair and does not expect to be thanked as he flicks the brim of his trilby by way of greeting.’
      • ‘Orion inclined his head slightly towards the old man, a gesture of greeting and respect.’
      • ‘Awkwardly he lifted a hand in greeting and farewell and moved on round the rocky edge.’
      • ‘I acknowledged her and managed some polite words of greeting.’
      • ‘He stops and straightens to watch her traverse the courtyard, she lifts a hand in greeting but says nothing.’
      • ‘This was later explained by Indian officials as a message of greeting.’
      • ‘Continuing to smile, Rosalyn held a hand out to me in greeting.’
      • ‘Embracing is also common as a form of greeting, usually among members of the same sex.’
      • ‘In most of these cultures, the Western handshake has replaced this traditional form of greeting.’
      • ‘The guy turned around and lifted his chin as a gesture of greeting.’
      • ‘To them, a smile or a nod of the head in greeting has no meaning.’
      • ‘‘It took you two long enough,’ Kevin said in greeting, as Amy and Dylan approached.’
      • ‘The only thing he did though was to give her a small kiss of greeting.’
      • ‘As he passed his Uncle Al's house, he honked his horn in greeting.’
      • ‘Not sure what to say, she held out her hand in greeting.’
      welcome, welcoming, entertaining
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    2. 1.2usually greetings A formal expression of goodwill, said on meeting or in a written message.
      ‘warm greetings to you all’
      • ‘Just before we begin, a quick thank you to Chuck for the birthday greetings, and to Chris for the gift.’
      • ‘Birthday greetings come to Rosari from all her family in Waterford and Limerick.’
      • ‘NEW Year greetings to all our readers and best wishes for the year ahead.’
      • ‘And I just realised I probably won't post again in 2001, so this is by way of being a New Year's greeting to all of you out there who read this.’
      • ‘Warm greetings to all my parliamentary colleagues and to my family and friends here today.’
      • ‘Belated birthday greetings are extended to Daniel Baker who celebrated his 7th birthday on Thursday, September 9.’
      • ‘Birthday greetings this week go to Declan Patton, who has now reached the ripe old age of 31.’
      • ‘Also celebrating his birthday recently was Tony and Olive's son, Glen and we wish him belated greetings.’
      • ‘One photo takes pride of place in her sitting room - one of her and Mark with special greetings to his granny on her birthday.’
      • ‘Christmas greetings were heard in many languages, kisses were exchanged on both cheeks and a general feeling of bonhomie was present among the crowd.’
      • ‘Season greetings: Everyone is wished a happy Christmas and thanks is sent for all your help during the year.’
      • ‘Thank you to y'all who left me birthday greetings - they made me feel all warm and fuzzy!’
      • ‘Warm greetings to Indian Americans across our country as you observe the festival of Diwali.’
      • ‘With this, I'll end my first post and send you all warm greetings from cold rainy Germany.’
      • ‘My sincere greetings and respects to the people of Grimethorpe and to the Grimethorpe Colliery Band.’
      • ‘Season's greetings to all our readers at home and overseas.’
      best wishes, good wishes, regards, kind regards, kindest regards, congratulations, compliments, respects, felicitations
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