Definition of greeter in English:



  • A person employed to greet customers at a shop, restaurant, or other business.

    • ‘But the company has also made clear that keeping its stores union-free is as much a part of Wal-Mart culture as door greeters and blue aprons.’
    • ‘At the door, two greeters wished to know how I was doing and offered to help me find something.’
    • ‘In stores like Target and Wal-Mart, shoppers are generally greeted with ‘happy holidays,’ although both stores say it's up to the individual greeter.’
    • ‘The doorman and greeter couldn't have been friendlier and arranged a guest list for us, unsolicited, at an equally pleasant members club nearby.’
    • ‘To get more information about this neighbourhood we talked to one of the volunteer greeters who staff the Chicago Cultural Center and offer their local expertise to visitors free of charge.’