Definition of greenstone in English:



mass nounGeology
  • 1A greenish igneous rock containing feldspar and hornblende.

    • ‘Some of the oldest rocks on earth have also been found here: the greenstone is estimated to be 3 000-million years old.’
    • ‘Greenwell discovered numerous antler picks scattered throughout the mine as well as the ground stone axe made of greenstone from Cornwall.’
    • ‘The Zimbabwe craton consists of 23 greenstone belts surrounded by felsic gneisses and granites, with ages from 3.6 Ga to 2.6 Ga.’
    • ‘There are many belts of greenstone (highly contorted, Precambrian volcanics and sediments) throughout the Canadian Shield.’
    • ‘The primary rocks of the Bradshaw Mountains are granites and greenstones (gneiss and schist).’
    1. 1.1NZ A variety of jade.
      as modifier ‘a greenstone necklace’
      • ‘After performing a waiata the students presented Potikitaua-Taraare with a greenstone necklace and other gifts.’
      • ‘This same dress code, however, allows Maori students to wear bone and greenstone necklaces as part of the school's ‘Treaty of Waitangi obligations’.’
      • ‘In early 1913 six Maori greenstone artefacts disappeared from a showcase in the Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum.’
      • ‘The earliest known history of the town was as a stopping place for parties of Maori who had come through the Haast Pass in search of greenstone.’
      • ‘Trophies have been donated featuring greenstone and gold from the area.’