Definition of greensand in English:



mass nounGeology
  • 1A greenish kind of sandstone, often loosely consolidated.

    • ‘The sample was taken from a thin limestone lens with phosphatic oolites within the phosphatic greensand.’
    • ‘Derived from the prehistoric deposits of marine creatures, greensand is good for loosening-up compacted soils.’
    • ‘They lie on a fault line created by a seam of greensand, which runs for 200 miles from Lyme Regis to the Wash, taking in the edge of the Bowood Estate.’
    • ‘From that point upstream the sub-soil was composed of laminated greensand, that is, clay containing glauconite interspersed with discrete bands of fine-grained sand.’
    • ‘Use additions of mineral-rich materials such as rock phosphate or greensand to tailor the nutrients in your compost to match the needs of your soil and plants.’
    1. 1.1usually the Greensand A stratum largely composed of greensand, deposited during the Cretaceous period and often underlying chalk.
      ‘the Upper Greensand’
      • ‘Overlying the Jurassic succession, a thin sequence of basal Cretaceous strata including the Greensand is characterized by radial outward dips.’