Definition of greenling in English:



  • A spiny-finned edible fish of the North Pacific.

    Family Hexagrammidae: two genera and several species, including the lingcod

    • ‘Gurnards, flatheads, scorpionfishes, greenlings, and sculpins live in the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans.’
    • ‘An individual male kelp greenling may guard up to 11 egg masses simultaneously, although the average number is four.’
    • ‘During winter the painted greenlings go into a mating mode and the male turns very dark, while the female has dark stripes.’
    • ‘Marine life includes sea lemons, lingcod, kelp greenlings, silvery pile perch, wolf eels and even decorated warbonnets with spikes on their heads.’
    • ‘Kelp greenling are a common fish in rocky and kelp areas from central California north, but few are taken on piers south of San Francisco.’