Definition of greenheart in English:



  • 1A South American evergreen tree of the laurel family, yielding hard greenish timber which is used for marine work because of its resistance to marine borers.

    Ocotea rodiaei, family Lauraceae

    • ‘Wax-mirtles, heathers, laurels, ebonies, southern olives, greenhearts or hollies (llex canariensis) are some of the most distinctive trees in this ecological jewel.’
    1. 1.1mass noun The timber of the greenheart, or similar timber from various other tropical trees.
      • ‘I can understand that there was once a case for balancing the enormous weight of long greenheart and split cane rods of yore, but modern carbon wands weigh nothing, and don't need to be counter-balanced.’
      • ‘To replace the ladder mechanism we had to source a very dense wood called greenheart from the Amazon.’
      • ‘In the early days, I used greenheart, followed by bamboo.’
      • ‘These include cement, recycled plastics, and tropical hardwoods, such as greenheart, that are more resistant to shipworms than other woods are.’
      • ‘On the outboard end of things, if the dock pilings have been in the water for more than, say, ten years and are anything other than greenheart, you might want to make a mental note that they may let go.’