Definition of greenhead in English:



  • 1US A biting horsefly with green eyes.

    Genus Chrysops, family Tabanidae

    • ‘In the early 1960s public demand for relief from the nuisance of greenhead flies resulted in the organization of the North Shore Greenhead Fly Control Project.’
    • ‘‘What's with these flies with the green heads?’ asked a youngish woman in a bathing suit while flailing at greenheads with both hands.’
    • ‘If there are more greenheads and deer flies this year, Donahue said there aren't any obvious reasons why.’
    • ‘The greenhead fly has made golfer's lives a misery at the Seaview Marriott Resort in New Jersey all week.’
    • ‘He guessed deerflies and greenheads would appear earlier than normal, unless the weather changes.’
  • 2Australian An ant with a green head and a painful sting.

    Rhytidoponera metallica, family Formicidae