Definition of greenfinch in English:



  • A Eurasian finch with green and yellow plumage.

    Genus Carduelis, family Fringillidae: three species, in particular the common C. chloris of Europe and the Middle East

    • ‘Outside the breeding season you will always find greenfinches in small flocks.’
    • ‘Birds will be roosting in your Leylandii hedge - especially greenfinches which prefer to roost in conifer.’
    • ‘The numbers of greenfinches have increased over the years, but so have the primroses!’
    • ‘In the mid 1960s deaths from salmonellosis were reported in greenfinches and house sparrows feeding at bird tables in gardens.’
    • ‘Two or more greenfinches will fly some distance to the garden shrub Daphne mezereum L., usually in June, to devour every one of its hundreds of large seeds.’