Definition of green woodpecker in English:

green woodpecker


  • A large green and yellow woodpecker with a red crown and a laughing call, found from Europe to central Asia.

    Picus viridis, family Picidae

    • ‘They are organising a project to monitor the green woodpeckers in the National Park - there has recently been a decline in their numbers and the park authority would like see how many there are left.’
    • ‘The dawn chorus is a medley of warblers and shrikes, and, always from the same tree, the klu-klu-klu of a green woodpecker.’
    • ‘The green woodpeckers are seen in our garden every day eating ants on the lawn unlike the great spotted woodpecker which is more often seen in trees or eating nuts on the bird feeder.’
    • ‘There was also lots of other great wildlife to see in the area around Malham Cove including nesting little owls, green woodpeckers and redstarts.’
    • ‘During the winter male and female green woodpeckers live separately but stay in the nesting area all year round.’


green woodpecker