Definition of green technology in English:

green technology

(also green tech)


mass noun
  • Technology whose use is intended to mitigate or reverse the effects of human activity on the environment.

    ‘the use of green technology and renewable energy is an integral part of the government's agenda’
    count noun ‘investment in natural infrastructure and green technologies would also create valuable new ‘green collar’ jobs’
    as modifier ‘the green tech industry’
    • ‘"Green tech" - environmentally friendly technology - has been slow in coming to market, but look for these products and procedures when making new purchases.’
    • ‘The private sector is beginning to seize the opportunities of green technology.’
    • ‘In addition, ministers worry that Scotland may lose out on the business opportunities which green technology might create.’
    • ‘While the business of renewables struggles like any other, people constantly say to us, 'Oh, it must be a good time to be covering green tech with the new administration.'’
    • ‘A 200-year-old cotton mill which was a powerhouse of the industrial revolution is now entirely reliant upon the latest green technology.’
    • ‘Green technology could supply human needs with far less damage to the natural environment.’
    • ‘They want it to become a hub for all kinds of green technology jobs.’
    • ‘And green technology has flowered, too, with new efficiencies in source reduction, recycling, waste management, mobile source pollution, organic agriculture and building construction.’
    • ‘For starters, the group will work towards adoption of green technology in reducing air, water, soil, and noise pollution.’
    • ‘Compared to the mechanical room equipment in an ordinary building, the green technology requires less space.’
    • ‘Any money that we get from taxing oil companies ought to go to try to provide the green tech jobs and try to handle the environmental concerns that both of these candidates stand for.’
    • ‘Auto company executives are here touting their new green technology.’
    • ‘He offered instead the prospect, as president, of introducing retraining schemes, particularly in potentially new green technology jobs.’
    • ‘He just wants to open people's eyes to the power of green technology.’
    • ‘Green technologies offer some of the brightest business opportunities of the new century.’
    • ‘We're taking our first steps down the only path out of this recession, an industrial-scale green technology revolution.’
    • ‘Should governments be doing more to support the development of green technologies?’
    • ‘No one's sure how quickly green tech will be adopted, which puts a premium on astute timing - and endurance.’
    • ‘Numerous green technologies exist out there to reduce the environmental impact of buildings.’
    • ‘But I believe that Michigan can lead this nation in this new green technology economy.’