Definition of green space in English:

green space


  • An area of grass, trees, or other vegetation set apart for recreational or aesthetic purposes in an otherwise urban environment.

    • ‘A crackdown on drunks and yobs in one of a city's most precious green spaces has been such a success that police are calling for the whole city centre to be made a no-alcohol zone.’
    • ‘He added that the plans would solve the environmental problems, while a major open area of green space and some industrial land would be retained.’
    • ‘The awards scheme recognises the value of green spaces and rewards excellent standards of park management.’
    • ‘The park is a popular green space for family outings, picnics, walking, jogging and boating.’
    • ‘Johannesburg has many delightful parks and open green spaces, all of which have been spruced up.’
    • ‘Older trees in the construction area were preserved and incorporated into Hawthorn Court's vast green spaces.’
    • ‘The report recommends that York's green spaces should be protected and enhanced and better design standards should be required for new developments in the city.’
    • ‘In Whitefield, there are ambitious plans for a marina developments, apartments, an industrial quarter, sports facilities and green spaces.’
    • ‘The commitment to set aside land for the preservation of green space and outdoor recreation demonstrates the foresight of all those involved.’
    • ‘The woodlands and grasses will help to improve air quality, screen noise pollution and increase access to green spaces to encourage youngsters to stay active.’
    • ‘If you are looking to escape the buzz of the city or just fancy a leisurely walk, Edinburgh has a wide selection of parks and green spaces in which to relax.’
    • ‘They have shown that the psychological benefits gained by visiting urban green spaces increase with the levels of biodiversity.’
    • ‘The township has very few open, green spaces and aside from a few scattered trees, very little vegetation.’
    • ‘Worried that too much open green space is being fenced off inside exclusive gated enclaves, communities are stepping up measures to curb such developments.’
    • ‘Residents' life styles may contribute to the deterioration of the environment, and threaten the sustainability of the green spaces.’
    • ‘In line with customer expectations of large open and green spaces, most new projects try to keep built-up area to a minimum.’
    • ‘The greater Washington region lost nearly half as much green space to development from 1986 to 2000 as it did in its entire prior history, according to a soon-to-be-released study.’
    • ‘The survey report contains examples of how funds spent on parks and green spaces can directly benefit communities.’
    • ‘We are expanding on our commitment to protect this large natural green space to give families in Markham and across the province more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.’
    • ‘Children who lived in neighborhoods with fewer green spaces were more likely to be overweight, the study authors said.’