Definition of green audit in English:

green audit


  • An assessment of a business in terms of its impact on the environment.

    • ‘As well as announcing the green audit tomorrow, the First Minister may promise delivery of a long-awaited set of environmental indicators designed to measure progress towards sustainability.’
    • ‘Wall Street and investment groups are chiming in on green audits.’
    • ‘Over five years ago, we carried out a green audit and asked ourselves how we could make the park more environmentally friendly.’
    • ‘Erin Porter did an environmental audit of the photography lab at her Pittsburgh High School as part of her environmental club's schoolwide green audit for Earth Day 2000.’
    • ‘Participating in green audits also helps companies avoid legal liability over environmental issues.’
    • ‘The idea of a "green audit" is not new, but the insistence of the First Minister that it should happen is.’
    • ‘Wouldn't it be easier for consumers and companies alike to have just one green audit instead of so many?’
    • ‘It's a confusing category, because at least 50 different green audits measure environmental performance.’


green audit