Definition of greedily in English:



  • 1In a way that shows an excessive desire or appetite for food.

    ‘we greedily devoured the hors d'oeuvres’
    • ‘On the way home, she buys peaches, which she greedily eats.’
    • ‘He was greedily gulping down a glass of wine and inhaling the food.’
    • ‘The ducks were greedily snapping up the bread off the ground.’
    • ‘The girls squealed with delight as they each grabbed a slice greedily.’
    • ‘He was stuffing his face greedily with the cake.’
    • ‘He began to eat more, and more greedily than he had done before.’
    • ‘A dog yelped, greedily eyeing the leftovers.’
    • ‘She gives her a chocolate bar, which the little girl eats greedily.’
    • ‘Pete was sitting upright in bed, greedily eating from a bowl of strawberries and cream.’
    • ‘Nothing beats holding your food in your hands and biting greedily into it.’
    1. 1.1 With an intense and selfish desire for wealth or power.
      ‘bureaucrats are greedily eyeing the organization's rich portfolio of property’
      • ‘The pirates of the boardroom are greedily grabbing all our money.’
      • ‘Christopher had not that impetuosity of youth that rushes greedily to snatch at whatever prize is offered.’
      • ‘People greedily exploit dwindling resources and pollute the atmosphere.’
      • ‘A son is accused of greedily exploiting his aging mother, a beloved philanthropist who had dedicated much of her life to charity.’
      • ‘At the beginning of the experiment, all the cash is quickly and greedily grabbed.’
      • ‘Man has carelessly and greedily exploited nature.’
      • ‘This country has become extraordinarily and greedily litigious.’
      • ‘Advertisers are guilty of greedily commodifying luxury.’
      • ‘These telephone lines were installed with taxpayers' money and are now being greedily exploited by rich profiteers.’
      • ‘There are a lot of other nations busily, and greedily, assisting them in stripping the oceans.’