Definition of Grecian nose in English:

Grecian nose


  • A straight nose that continues the line of the forehead without a dip.

    • ‘This used to be called a "Grecian nose," as opposed to the hawklike "Roman Nose," and was considered a feature of great beauty.’
    • ‘Troy was a tall, slightly tanned, and well-muscled boy with curly brown hair, a long Grecian nose, and large, expressive eyebrows.’
    • ‘To the left walks Edwin, with hyacinthine locks, and a thoroughly classical type of face, and Grecian nose.’
    • ‘Will she have a Grecian nose, or one tip-tilted like the petal of a rose?’
    • ‘He had his almost Grecian nose and dark wavy hair parted to one side and wore a tight T-shirt that showed off his muscles.’


Grecian nose