Definition of greatcoat in English:



  • A long heavy overcoat.

    • ‘Philip didn't answer, accepting his greatcoat from a footman, and accompanying David out the door.’
    • ‘Louis-Philippe was prepared to rehabilitate Napoleon the general but not the emperor, so he put a statue of Napoleon wearing his famous greatcoat and hat on the Vendôme column in 1833.’
    • ‘I tugged my hat low over my forehead and pulled my greatcoat more tightly around me.’
    • ‘He stood by the windows, looking out over the great expanse of choppy sea, his tall form draped in something nondescript which might have been a military greatcoat.’
    • ‘Holding the reins of his horse with one hand, Alexander used the other to fasten the top three buttons of his greatcoat.’
    • ‘Their clothes were ill-fitting, their boots new and uncomfortable, they slept in their greatcoats on the bare earth - and it was cold.’
    • ‘He huddled into his greatcoat, feeling the stiff spine of his leather-bound book, then drew it out and turned page after page, until the numbers appeared as tiny smudges.’
    • ‘He said: ‘He is wearing a military uniform complete with greatcoat and tin hat.’’
    • ‘Keeping the greatcoat under him for protection from the ground, he slowly slid across the reddish dirt of the clearing and into the shade.’
    • ‘Mutti motioned anxiously to Sophie, who bustled towards us with a pair of heavy greatcoats.’
    • ‘Every ounce saved was important and they didn't even take blankets or greatcoats and they slept as best they could in rough bamboo shelters with only a groundsheet to keep out the mountain cold.’
    • ‘You could see them in their mud-clogged boots, with ill-fitting greatcoats and oversized rifles, filing off into an opaque horizon.’
    • ‘An eagle-eyed reader claims he saw him walking near his west London home last Saturday morning, wearing a woollen greatcoat and leather moccasins, but no trousers.’
    • ‘An older man in a greatcoat and tie eventually turned up.’
    • ‘He took off his greatcoat and hung it over the back of the wooden chair at the small table.’
    • ‘Dark-skinned, probably North African, he is wearing a dun-coloured greatcoat and a richly embroidered cap.’
    • ‘Inspection of their clothing revealed they were wearing altered greatcoats.’
    • ‘She was feeling less bitter, so she took off her petticoat and put on her greatcoat, the better to be magnanimous.’
    • ‘Half-seen in a corner of the lobby, three watchmen in greatcoats crouch over a brazier.’
    • ‘He put his valise on his lap, beneath his waxed greatcoat, tied his hat under his chin, propped his cane between his legs and settled down.’