Definition of great northern diver in English:

great northern diver


  • A diving waterbird with a black streamlined head, breeding in northern North America, Greenland, and Iceland.

    Gavia immer, family Gaviidae. North American name: common loon

    • ‘The common loon is red-eyed, with distinctive black and white markings and a pointed dagger like beak that is perfect for its long, underwater fishing trips.’
    • ‘Now common loons, one of five loon species, are helping scientists better understand the impact of environmental mercury contamination on waterbirds, fish, and other aquatic wildlife.’
    • ‘From the clifftop, I have watched otters and great northern divers fishing and porpoises passing by further out.’
    • ‘I pointed out that the bird, which I identified as a common loon, was too far gone to be helped but that I'd be happy to take it for the museum's collection.’
    • ‘For example, the wing loading of a highly maneuverable bird such as the chimney swift is ten times smaller than that of the aeronautically challenged common loon.’