Definition of Great Mother in English:

Great Mother


  • another name for mother goddess
    • ‘The earth was also full of lesser deities or earth spirits, avatars of the Great Mother with whom shamans communicated and who were associated with particular places and functions.’
    • ‘In a matter of days, they had drawn up a business plan for a women-specific apparel company and christened it Isis, after the Egyptian Great Mother goddess.’
    • ‘Eventually, the space and the stones no longer sufficed and he began to dig warrens and galleries into the hill, creating a small labyrinth that allowed him to ‘be with the Great Mother, with the seed of all humanity, Mother Earth’.’
    • ‘I stood to stretch and looked around as my spiritual vision adjusted, trying to see what the Great Mother was showing me.’
    • ‘Their god wouldn't dare defy the Great Mother, or it would be a battle of the gods.’
    • ‘The unknown god of the man had challenged the Great Mother.’
    • ‘We believed there would be a trinity: a Great Mother Goddess, a Sun god, and a Moon goddess.’
    • ‘The garden thrives on the scent of positive decay - of recycling and renewal - of organics slowly disintegrating into the soil to become one with the Great Mother again.’
    • ‘We upon the Mortal Realm witnessed the rage of the All-Creator and suffered His wrath but still we kept our prayers to the Great Mother Earth, asking Her for assistance.’
    • ‘They consider Mary to be the Goddess, at least in the form of the Great Mother.’
    • ‘Thus, the Great Mother who grants life and abundance in this world is the same Great Mother who grants life and abundance in the Underworld; and the same forces that affect death in this world are the same that do it there.’
    • ‘We are creatures of life and of nature and as such our Great Mother would not allow us to bring harm to her other children.’
    • ‘Among their earliest forms, dragons were associated with the Great Mother, the water god and the warrior sun god.’
    • ‘‘Julia’ is an invocation of the Great Mother, symbolised as the ocean.’
    • ‘You're the Dream Weaver and the Great Mother must have blessed you with a vision of a potential future.’