Definition of great crested grebe in English:

great crested grebe


  • A large grebe with a crest and ear ruffs in the breeding season, found from Europe to New Zealand.

    Podiceps cristatus, family Podicipedidae

    • ‘In England, he spoke out against killing great crested grebes so the feathers could adorn ladies' hats.’
    • ‘There were several pairs of great crested grebes but there were also good numbers of tufted duck, pochard, gadwall mallard and teal.’
    • ‘They include gadwall, tufted ducks, pochard, coot and great crested grebes, as well as large numbers of other species such as wigeon, shoveler teal, mallard, cormorant and mute swans.’
    • ‘In the summer of 1992, and apparently for the first time, two pairs of splendid great crested grebes successfully bred on the river in the city centre rearing broods of young.’
    • ‘More than 218 species have been recorded on the reserve, including mallards, teal, widgin, great crested grebes, pochard, wild geese and Canada geese.’