Definition of greasy spoon in English:

greasy spoon


  • A cheap, run-down cafe or restaurant serving fried foods.

    • ‘The thin sausages had a slight hint of spice and came in an unusual spiral shape, not at all like the sausages you'd get in a greasy spoon English cafe - far more tasty.’
    • ‘My mother cried as my father drove to the motel afterward, staring out the window at the dry, cracked landscape dotted with old service stations and greasy spoons, remembering how they'd said their vows in front of a stranger.’
    • ‘After a chance meeting in a greasy spoon café, Tim and Daisy end up living together in a North London flat, under the guise of being a professional couple.’
    • ‘I don't want them to have any reason to think that I'm anything more than a waitress in a greasy spoon,’ Kelly said.’
    • ‘Anyway, so I made it to work, did a couple of hours work and announced that I needed a greasy spoon.’
    • ‘In the midst of our wandering, we agreed that the first order of business was to locate the obligatory greasy spoon, and fortify ourselves with a generous helping of eggs and potatoes.’
    • ‘I discovered an unassuming greasy spoon full with many of the people I had seen in the bar.’
    • ‘For those who prefer being indoors (so much better for your skin) then we have asked round our mates for their top 10 greasy spoons.’
    • ‘Ironically, their parents, those in the 45-to 54-year-old age range, are the least likely to report dining at a greasy spoon.’
    • ‘Gay venues are on the rise, particularly in Edinburgh; there are more gastropubs doing good food; fewer greasy spoons and bakers, but more and more tea rooms and coffee shops.’
    • ‘The brunch she cooked was little better than he could get at a greasy spoon or fast food restaurant.’
    • ‘This could be anything from a greasy spoon, to a gastropub.’
    • ‘I'd rather go down the greasy spoon or watch a film and get a takeaway.’
    • ‘This small sheltered port boasts its own wine museum and a staggering 35 restaurants for its 2,000-odd population, but there's not a greasy spoon or a chippie in sight.’
    • ‘The new owner supplies food for the whole of the ‘eating-out-of-house sector’, from restaurants and hotels to greasy spoon cafes, buying and supplying the food.’
    • ‘This English breakfast delight can be found in your finest of greasy spoons, and consists of a heaping mound of bacon strips stuffed delicately between two pieces of white bread, usually accompanied by some HP sauce.’
    • ‘The Asian and African sailors had to make do with greasy spoons and pubs which it frightened me to walk past as much as it must have frightened them to enter.’
    • ‘The Canadians are also hogging all the greasy spoon diners and cotton candy stands.’
    • ‘It's the hotel-bar equivalent of a greasy spoon: cheap, dingy and authentic.’
    • ‘The inside of the diner was your average, twenty-person capacity greasy spoon café restaurant.’


greasy spoon