Definition of greasies in English:


plural noun

NZ, Australian
  • Fish and chips.

    ‘no-one wants to cook so they go for greasies’
    • ‘The supermarket is just across the road if you don't want greasies.’
    • ‘Get greasies from the fish-and-chip shop across the road.’
    • ‘Make sure the greasies are cooked in organic olive oil hand-picked and cold-pressed by virgins, and wrapped in recycled gender-neutral newsprint.’
    • ‘You never know, you may work up an appetite for real food, not greasies.’
    • ‘Appropriately called greasies, this mainstay is often made of shark but called lemon fish or flake.’
    • ‘More of you could do with following suit and offering some greenery with the greasies.’
    • ‘Let's go down to the takeaway shop for some greasies.’
    • ‘Fries, chips, fatty greasies do not constitute a good diet.’
    • ‘His feisty daughter and Jason begin a romance, as they both serve up the greasies.’
    • ‘No one will begrudge you for slapping those greasies into a chip butty for optimal carbs.’