Definition of greasepaint in English:



mass noun
  • A waxy substance used as make-up by actors.

    • ‘Is she game to don greasepaint to test her luck on the silver screen?’
    • ‘I heard the roar of the crowd, I could smell the greasepaint, but alas, it was not to be, for me.’
    • ‘Mike produced several sticks of green greasepaint and showed John how to apply the camouflage in diagonal stripes on his face.’
    • ‘The smell of the crowd and the roar of the greasepaint is anathema to wanting to sit in a room alone and write.’
    • ‘John knows the ins and outs of the acting world, working as both an amateur and professional in the land of greasepaint and footlights.’
    • ‘He used to have a terrifying actor's nightmare in which the greasepaint slid off his face.’
    • ‘If your career is on the way down, panto is a celebrity safety net, one last greasepaint refuge where you can still revel in audience adulation.’
    • ‘Covered with greasepaint and standing motionless for an hour, two young people act as statuesque models to earn money.’
    • ‘But if the smell of greasepaint proves irresistible the stage is near at hand.’
    • ‘It was at that point that I became addicted to the smell of the greasepaint, the roar of the crowd, lights, cameras, action; I realised that my destiny was to entertain my public on stage, screen and television.’
    • ‘Twelve finalists plastered on the greasepaint and heaved on the star-studded attire that made for a wonderful night's entertainment.’
    • ‘He also took to donning a white greasepaint visage, designed to mimic the pallor of 13 th-century plague victims.’
    • ‘Was there is any likelihood at all of her reconsidering the decision and donning the greasepaint again?’
    • ‘Johnie remained in full clown make-up throughout, even as real tears threatened to smear his greasepaint grin.’
    • ‘Groucho, who had taken to wearing a fake greasepaint moustache in vaudeville, refused to grow a real one for the cameras.’
    • ‘I was a child who, when taken to the circus, spent all her time trying to see past the greasepaint and illusion.’
    • ‘Won't somebody ask me what I'm doing with greasepaint dirt smudges on my nose and a balsa-wood pickaxe in my hands?’
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