Definition of grease the palm of in English:

grease the palm of


  • Bribe (someone)

    ‘the branch is alleged to have greased the palms of 130 politicians’
    • ‘At the behest of his friend, the son goes to the neighbouring town to earn enough money to grease the palm of the panchayat president.’
    • ‘More important, it helps support the locals first, rather than greasing the palm of an outsider or some foreign agency.’
    • ‘And you probably think that you can grease the palm of the loan officer to enhance your loan eligibility.’
    • ‘Whether applying for a driving licence, bringing a case to court or simply passing a police checkpoint, greasing the palm of pliant government officials is often the only way to get things done in the country.’
    • ‘In many States you cannot get a case registered or investigated by the police if your house is burgled, without greasing the palm of the Station House Officer.’
    • ‘‘Some children cannot pass exams unless they grease the palm of the person giving the test,’ he said.’
    • ‘Don't think twice before greasing the palm of the health minister to assure your daughter of a seat in the medical college.’
    • ‘If you grease the palm of a pool attendant to bring you baseball updates from the bar while you relax in the sun, you've done nothing wrong because no one loses.’
    • ‘The Yakuza greases the palm of a creepy shopkeeper to use his basement for the event.’
    • ‘Traffic offenses are no longer punishable by monetary compensation but by greasing the palm of an officer.’