Definition of grease board in English:

grease board


  • A wipeable board with a white surface used for teaching or presentations; a whiteboard.

    ‘the instruction, written on a grease board, remained up for about a week’
    • ‘The next week, same coach, same grease board.’
    • ‘He also uses a large grease board to impart weekly inspirational messages from the likes of Aristotle, William Tecumseh Sherman, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Walt Disney.’
    • ‘This button sends information to the tracking system, which displays an icon next to the patient's name on the electronic grease board.’
    • ‘One advance scout recalls the time he sat in the press box and was stunned that he could read punt returns diagrammed on a grease board by the special teams coach.’
    • ‘While they put up a list of plays on the grease board, he went into his office and closed the door.’
    • ‘Now, Smith goes to the grease board and reluctantly wipes off some restaurant recommendations from a previous visitor.’
    • ‘My motto written on the grease board by the computer is: Constant, never-ending improvement.’
    • ‘"To give him additional reps and risk the recurrence of the injury wouldn't be smart," says Callahan, with a backdrop of a grease board and a television monitor.’
    • ‘Scrawled in big black letters on a grease board in the Chiefs' defensive staff room is a simple two-word mantra that coordinator Gunther Cunningham has stressed the past eight months: "Culture change."’
    • ‘I started working a small grease board.’
    • ‘Also Tuesday, Blazers GM John Nash opened a cabinet in his office, showing me a grease board with the 15 names of the players on the roster on it.’
    • ‘On a wall inside the defensive line's meeting room at Giants Stadium hangs a grease board that line coach Denny Marcin uses to record various statistics.’
    • ‘On the Pistons locker-room grease board were seven golden rules for stopping Carter.’