Definition of grazing in English:



mass noun
  • Grassland suitable for pasturage.

    ‘large areas of rough grazing’
    • ‘Crofters gained the right to buy croft lands and common grazings even if their landlord did not want to sell.’
    • ‘But the six windmills for the chop were mostly on crofters' common grazing, which would have lost each 1000 a year rent.’
    • ‘The problems of the Area Based Headage System relating in particular to farmers with land designated as mountain grazings must be immediately resolved as many farmers have now found that they are entitled to less than expected.’
    • ‘Farmers said the once lush grazing had become fields of death for livestock, with carcasses scattered all over the area.’
    • ‘With fall moisture, good grazing will be available through December.’
    • ‘Exclusion from these was serious for the ousted dynasties, which lost access to the manpower and produce of rich areas of tillage and grazing.’
    • ‘This makes grassland management very difficult on farms where grazing is already in short supply and problems are compounded in wet conditions.’
    • ‘Failure to do so now can lead to very stemmy unpalatable grass in later grazings.’
    • ‘The first was to discover natural assets - principally rivers, and land suitable for grazing or agriculture.’
    • ‘One man wanted to fence his sheep in on the common grazings, as is his right, but he was told by SNH that he could only do it at certain times of year.’