Definition of grazier in English:



  • 1A person who rears or fattens cattle or sheep for market.

    • ‘Some graziers are planting paddocks with kale or turnips for winter forage in the North.’
    • ‘He intended to keep things that way, repelling would-be graziers, firewood cutters and poachers with an iron hand.’
    • ‘Research conducted into the costs of shepherding on moorland showed that graziers were making a loss of £1.32 per hectare.’
    • ‘Revenue in kind received by the grazier included animals and sheep products.’
    • ‘The demand for land focused hostile attention upon the graziers, who reared cattle and sheep commercially on extensive pastoral holdings.’
    • ‘These series of tours are even better than a pasture walk, he says, because it allows new graziers to see the growing process step by step, month by month, instead of just at the peak season.’
    • ‘However, as more and more graziers opt for this market it too will become ‘saturated’ and diminished profits from over supply will eventuate.’
    • ‘What a terrible way to go, starving to death in their millions,’ the Queensland grazier and kangaroo expert said.’
    • ‘There were grazier communities like the Rabaris of Gujarat who moved long distances with their herds of cattle.’
    • ‘With their backs to the economic wall, many graziers are trying to survive by putting more livestock on the already depleted land.’
    • ‘It was a sheep grazier of Scottish descent, who saw the potential of camels for carrying goods on a commercial basis, particularly in the centre of Australia.’
    • ‘However, most of the old rabbit fences have now fallen into disrepair as graziers and government scientists put their faith in calicivirus, the new biological control for rabbits which destroy vegetation.’
    • ‘The ewes used at The National were loaned by a local grazier and some say they are a bit wild - made jumpy by frequent wild dog attacks in the highlands of Australia.’
    • ‘At the Brisbane boarding school he attended as a child he met many sons of Charleville graziers.’
    • ‘It may be worth receiving a lower rent and having a more reliable grazier who will keep the land in a tidy condition.’
    1. 1.1Australian, NZ A large-scale sheep or cattle farmer.
      • ‘Many programs depend on permission from local rural landholders, graziers and farmers for access to and through their properties.’
      • ‘Entrepreneurs, graziers, farmers and professionals formed an elite, which dominated municipal politics and was generally hostile to the labour movement.’
      • ‘Many graziers in the area do trips everyday around the station to their waterholes, their dams and ground tanks.’
      • ‘The forum is aimed at young farmers, graziers and people in the wider agricultural industry in the Western Division.’
      • ‘The recovery bill has reached half a billion dollars, and the February and July floods affected around 1,800 dairy farmers and graziers.’


Middle English: from grass + -ier.