Definition of gravure in English:



  • short for photogravure
    • ‘Contemporary artist photographers will show work across the range of alternative photography including gravure, gum, ‘Niepce’ heliochromes, Becquerel Daguerreotypes and Lippmann full colour photographs.’
    • ‘As you imply gravure on aquatinted copper gives a greater range of tones and more subtlety than the photopolymer versions of gravure which are promoted on the basis of convenience and the need to protect ourselves from dichromates which are very dangerous if you eat them or take baths in them.’
    • ‘Stieglitz's own pictures - originals, not the gravures from Camera Work, as in the earlier shows - were now exhibited in the museum he had until recently spurned.’
    • ‘The gravure printmaking technique I use is based on the inventions of W H F Talbot and Nicéphore Nièpce in the 1830s.’