Definition of gravity wave in English:

gravity wave


  • 1

    another term for gravitational wave
    • ‘He claims that a gravity wave can couple to individual atoms and, as a result, interact far more strongly.’
    • ‘The detector would be sensitive to all gravity waves between the two resonant frequencies.’
    • ‘Though a gravity wave is a distortion of space-time, it conserves volume.’
    • ‘The frequency of the wave is directly related to the frequency of the massive movement generating the gravity wave.’
    • ‘If the distance changes, you've detected a gravity wave.’
  • 2A wave propagated on a liquid surface or in a fluid through the effects of gravity.

    • ‘Freely propagating surface gravity waves are observed to slow down and to stop at a beach when the bottom has a relatively gentle upward slope toward the shore and the frequency range of the waves covers the most energetic wind waves (sea and swell).’
    • ‘Heating Jupiter's thermosphere by viscous dissipation of upward propagating gravity waves is evaluated with correct formulations of total energy conservation and the total wave induced vertical energy flux.’
    • ‘Tropospheric convective storms are believed to be important sources of gravity waves in the summer mesosphere, but little is known about the characteristics of mesospheric gravity waves generated by convection.’
    • ‘When small-amplitude surface gravity waves progress in deep water, all the fluid particles are observed to orbit in circles within the depth of wave influence.’
    • ‘Special features of surface gravity waves in a deep fluid flow with a constant vertical shear of velocity is studied.’