Definition of gravitational lens in English:

gravitational lens


  • A region of space containing a massive object whose gravitational field distorts electromagnetic radiation passing through it in a similar way to a lens, sometimes producing a multiple image of a remote object.

    • ‘The moving cosmic string would have acted as an additional gravitational lens, affecting both quasar images simultaneously.’
    • ‘Black holes, the cosmic microwave background, pulsars, neutron stars, gravitational lenses, gravity waves - these are just a few of the phenomena that would make no sense without general relativity.’
    • ‘General relativity has yielded a wealth of insight into the Universe, the orbits of planets, the evolution of stars and galaxies, the Big Bang and recently observed black holes and gravitational lenses.’
    • ‘They discussed the understanding of dark matter by the use of gravitational lenses.’
    • ‘Way out in the corners of the galaxy, there are objects so massive that they curve light into gargantuan gravitational lenses, distorting and magnifying objects behind them.’