Definition of gravimetric in English:



  • 1Relating to the measurement of weight.

    • ‘Applying gravimetric methods, the errors might be even higher.’
    • ‘All four requirements can be tested by simple gravimetric measurement or by inspection, and all four include quantitative limits.’
    • ‘The average water content of the bone specimens, measured using gravimetric methods is in the normal range for cortical bone.’
    • ‘The two chief classes of quantitative analysis, gravimetric and volumetric, were developed in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.’
    • ‘Briefly, the gravimetric method involved weighing the containers daily using a mobile weighing device for a period of 30 d.’
  • 2Relating to the measurement of gravity.

    • ‘Another problem with airborne measurements is that the aircraft's altitude must be known to within 1 m to attain gravimetric precision of the order of 1 mgal.’
    • ‘Warships use energy weapons along with gravimetric based missiles.’
    • ‘Telescopic, gravimetric, and spectrographic scans have revealed fourteen planets in the system.’
    • ‘The gravimetric technique is less sensitive than the radioactive technique, but it has an advantage in avoiding the corrections for tracer diffusion.’
    • ‘This paper briefly reviews the history of cloud physics, then discusses the gravimetric theory of cloud buoyancy.’