Definition of gravestone in English:



  • An inscribed headstone marking a grave.

    • ‘Relatives visiting loved ones' graves thought vandals had struck when they arrived to see scores of gravestones knocked to the ground.’
    • ‘There are gravestones sinking and falling in the ground.’
    • ‘Granite is a lasting stone - ideal for monuments like gravestones.’
    • ‘Jack has visited the battlefields on the Somme on numerous occasions and he presented a slide show showing some of the military cemeteries and gravestones.’
    • ‘There are gravestones in the cemetery that date back 80 years.’
    • ‘The council hopes to be able to provide funds to reinstate gravestones and memorials at council cemeteries which were laid flat on safety grounds recently.’
    • ‘A number of other gravestones have been similarly marked.’
    • ‘When visiting a Jewish cemetery, it is customary to place a stone on the gravestone in memory of the deceased.’
    • ‘In Florida he swam with dolphins, symbolised by two stone dolphins carved at the top of his gravestone.’
    • ‘But in the past couple of weeks he has noticed that gravestones have been broken, there are tyre marks on the grass and that the whole area is looking untidy.’
    • ‘Inscriptions on modern gravestones tell us nothing about the people they are supposed to commemorate, he says.’
    • ‘DO you know what your partner wants to have inscribed on their gravestone?’
    • ‘Being based on medieval gravestones and Irish history it is a fairly accurate description of the history of this small corner of Ireland.’
    • ‘Vandals desecrated a 17th century graveyard when they sprayed white and gold graffiti on two ancient gravestones.’
    • ‘As I round the corner one of the large banners, untethered at the bottom, billows in the wind, revealing a glimpse of old gravestones in the churchyard.’
    • ‘No one has taken responsibility for the gravestones over the years, some of the monuments were eight or nine feet high.’
    • ‘But some gravestones are more than 100 years old and the people responsible for many modern ones cannot be traced.’
    • ‘The gravestones were simply made of grey stone and the inscriptions seemed to be short.’
    • ‘Already some dilapidated gravestones have been laid flat as a temporary measure by staff checking the stability of memorials across the city.’
    • ‘Police were called to the scene on Friday and discovered the gravestone lying at the side of the grave with the headstone turned down in the earth.’
    headstone, tombstone, stone, monument, memorial, plaque, tablet
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