Definition of gravel pit in English:

gravel pit


  • A quarry from which gravel is or has been obtained.

    ‘the nature reserve is in a partly flooded gravel pit’
    • ‘Prior to the opening of the Estes quarry, a gravel pit was being worked at the base of the hill.’
    • ‘Milestone's three spring-fed lakes, the largest of which covers ten acres, were originally gravel pits.’
    • ‘Most of approximately 20 fossils representing these species are from gravel pits in the Saanich Peninsula.’
    • ‘Little grebes breed on ponds, small lakes and meres, and flooded gravel pits.’
    • ‘The mammoth, who died at least 30,000 years ago, was unearthed from a Dutch gravel pit.’
    • ‘My favorite fishing spot is alongside a commercial gravel pit whose chain-link fence the river is always undercutting and dragging away.’
    • ‘The lake, irregularly shaped and nearly ninety feet deep in some spots, was formerly a gravel pit.’
    • ‘The canal development could use existing gravel pits to store the water, which would then be pumped to the canals.’
    • ‘A wetlands conservation project in old quarries and gravel pits in North Yorkshire has won a national award.’
    • ‘The gravel pit will be developed into a 10-acre lake that will be ready for full use in 2005.’