Definition of grave goods in English:

grave goods

plural noun

  • Utilitarian and valuable objects deposited with bodies in prehistoric and ancient graves, probably intended for use in the afterlife.

    • ‘Much of the surviving evidence comes from decoration applied to portable equipment (which has been recovered as a result of archaeological excavations) as grave goods or treasure hoards.’
    • ‘The burials were found to be crouched inhumations in centrally placed grave pits typically buried with grave goods such as jewellery and food offerings in a pot.’
    • ‘The team confirmed that the site was a round barrow and that the cup may have represented grave goods from a central burial.’
    • ‘Their basic dilemma is how to reconcile a respect for the people of the past with deliberate disturbance of their remains, destruction of their tombs, and removal of their bodies and grave goods.’
    • ‘His body lay in a wooden box with a range of grave goods including a necklace of gold beads, feather ornaments, and fabric banners.’