Definition of graupel in English:



mass noun
  • Small particles of snow with a fragile crust of ice; soft hail.

    • ‘In this work the growth, motion and charging of graupel particles are simulated by computer.’
    • ‘When this process continues so that the shape of the original snow crystal is no longer identifiable, the resulting crystal is referred to as graupel.’
    • ‘Derived from the German word for barley, graupel is created when supercooled water droplets coat a snowflake with ice or when a supercooled drop develops an outer coating of ice without freezing through.’
    • ‘Notice for this wind field that graupel falls rapidly to the surface and drifts only a short distance downwind.’
    • ‘Graupel is a wonderful form of precipitation. It is not snow, not hail, not sleet, and definitely not rain.’


Late 19th century: German Graupel, back-formation from graupeln ‘to hail with soft hailstones’, from Graupe ‘cereal grain’.