Definition of gratiné in English:


(also gratinée)


  • ‘thick onion soup gratiné’
    another term for au gratin
    • ‘A gratinée is ideal for a late supper.’
    • ‘All this was served atop a gratinée of small Gaspé shrimp, infinitely thin noodles and a hint of Thai spice.’
    • ‘With them was boiled green pawpaw and a christophene gratinée.’
    • ‘Only a couple of hours before the guests are expecting to eat, he and his co-chef are calmly slicing peeled, vine-ripened tomatoes for the tomato and Parmesan gratinée tartlets.’
    • ‘Now it's time for dinner, a gratinée made with our first harvest of spinach, eggs, cream, swiss cheese.’


French, past participle of gratiner ‘cook au gratin’.