Definition of gratefully in English:



  • With appreciation for something done or received.

    ‘your financial support is gratefully acknowledged’
    ‘they smiled gratefully at her understanding’
    • ‘A generation ago, individuals gratefully accepted whatever information they were given.’
    • ‘Any help or answers to any of the questions would be gratefully appreciated.’
    • ‘Mary passed her a steaming cup of coffee, which Lizzy accepted gratefully.’
    • ‘She gratefully remembers her first dance teacher.’
    • ‘We gratefully acknowledge the sponsorship of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence, which has contributed to this very successful event.’
    • ‘The useful comments of a referee and the editor are also gratefully acknowledged.’
    • ‘Anything you can give will be gratefully received.’
    • ‘I sighed gratefully and headed backstage to get a cold water bottle.’
    • ‘It is in your name that I humbly and gratefully accept this award.’
    • ‘They nodded gratefully, picking up their bags.’