Definition of grassquit in English:



  • A small Caribbean and tropical American songbird related to the buntings, the male being partly or mainly black.

    Family Emberizidae (subfamily Emberizinae): three genera, in particular Tiaris, and several species

    • ‘They include the bananaquit, the blue-black grassquit, the blackfaced grassquit, and the St. Lucia black finch.’
    • ‘Recent studies of blue-black grassquits and blue grosbeaks suggest that structural plumage coloration is dependent on nutritional condition and thus could reliably signal mate quality.’
    • ‘There was a significant negative relationship between the display sighting rate with regard to the weeks of observation, indicating that fewer grassquits were displaying as the season progressed.’
    • ‘That rate reflects the frequency with which grassquits were encountered in display, because the time spent in the field involved both focal observations and time spent searching for individuals.’
    • ‘In our study, however, perches used by the grassquits emerged above the surrounding grassland vegetation, and displaying males were visible when resting, but became more conspicuous to us when they executed their displays.’