Definition of grasshopper mouse in English:

grasshopper mouse


  • A mainly carnivorous North American mouse, with a stout body, grey or brownish fur, and a short white-tipped tail.

    Genus Onychomys, family Muridae: three species

    • ‘But another animal is often stirring: the grasshopper mouse.’
    • ‘The fox trots off to continue its hunt for a kangaroo rat, a grasshopper mouse, or, if nothing else, an insect.’
    • ‘However, three safe exposures to crickets before the conditioning session significantly reduced the strength of the avoidance response in grasshopper mice, but it did not do so in hamsters.’
    • ‘Despite their venomous sting scorpions are considered fine fare by many types of creatures, such as centipedes, tarantulas, insectivorous lizards, birds (especially owls), and mammals (including shrews, grasshopper mice, bats).’
    • ‘The remaining taxa are Blarina brevicauda (the northern short-tailed shrew) and Onychomys leucogaster (the northern grasshopper mouse).’